Submitting to the Bennington Magazine

There are five ways alumni, students, staff and faculty can be included in the magazine.

Each form asks readers to submit in a way that is specifically related to the department they hope to be included within. Below are the ways in which readers can submit to Bennington Online. All submissions are reviewed for accuracy, length, clarity, and relevance to the department. Submissions are edited; all submissions related to the feature question are reviewed but only those that meet the editorial requirements and respond to the question are considered for feature inclusion. Readers who have already had their responses featured in the last two years are asked to refrain from feature submissions to offer as much opportunity to readers who have not yet been featured.


Feature Responses

Submit a response to the next issue’s question, “How do you keep on making and keep on going when it feels like everything is ending?” by January 4, 2021 for full consideration. Submissions should be emailed. The editor is inviting conversations focused on this question with readers.
All readers are invited to record a one-on-one conversation, focused on this question with the editor. Reserve time to talk here.



All members of the Bennington community—alumni, students, faculty and staff—are invited to submit a Note by December 14, 2020 for inclusion in the next online issue. Please remember that Notes will be indexed on Google and available for the public to read.
Share your news and updates with us here.



This section features alumni, students, staff or faculty who have been covered or reviewed by major media outlets. The editor typically researches and captures this coverage, but readers may submit their coverage or coverage they find of other Bennington community members for consideration. All other news coverage is included in Notes.
All other news coverage is included in Notes. We love to read all about your work in the world and its impact. Share your headlines with us here.


National Book Reviews

This section features alumni, students, staff or faculty whose books have been reviewed or covered by major media outlets. All other reviews, blurbs, and news of new books and publication are included in Book Notes department.
If you have received a national book review or national coverage of your book, please let us know here.



The College will feature original celebrations of life for members of the Bennington’s community whose impact on the institution spans the generations. We now accept and will publish obituary submissions from family members and friends. Some members of our community have had their lives remembered in major national publications. The magazine will re-run those obituaries whenever possible.
We now welcome celebrations of life and obituaries here.

Change Of Address, Name, Mailing Preferences

To change your address, name, preferred pronoun, or to correct gender information, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations. The office maintains records of this information. Updating your information with the office will ensure that your preferences will be observed throughout the College.
Email Alumni Relations with changes to your information and notices of death.

Corrections & Letters

We make every effort to avoid mistakes, but no issue will be perfect. If you notice something that should be corrected, please be in touch. Letters to the Editor are also welcomed, although not currently printed.
Email us.